Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ok so blogging again.
Yes it is true. I deserted my blog for facebook. But now to realize alot of people will read this blog over facebook. I just dont always have much to say. LOL I know for all you who know me think that is a ridiculous statement. BUT when typing to type...these days blogging is effort!!! But I will be back into the blogging phase I promise! If you all have not deserted me, and if you have...well lets see what we can do!!

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blogging for the Masses???

Back to blogging. Now I have been told that my cousin reads my blog...so maybe there is a reason to blog. So Heather keep reading...I will keep talking to you. So until I get some responses as to who reads this thing...Heather this blogs for you. Keep reading I will keep typing! LOL So the beach sessions are over. It was a very good time. It actually did not rain much at all. I shot Liam and Faith and we had a good time. Both kiddos loved the beach and ocean it was quite funny. It is odd how kids have NO fear of those BIG HUGE waves beating the earth. They would just walk right to the sea and become mermaids and mermen!!! So I will post a few images when they are all ready, but I came home to 2 sessions and a husband who went back to college! How funny...yeah.
Stay Tuned

Monday, August 10, 2009


So I have officially been told I am a bad blogger and should give it up!! LOL I am SOOOO sorry. It has been nuts and when you are not sure who is reading...you kinda stray. So here is what has been happening...Babies have been getting older, families have been getting bigger (NOT MINE! LOL) and I have been busy shooting shooting and shooting! I entered some images into the Fair this year again. I won 3 firsts, 2 seconds and Grand Champion. I think my days of the fair are done. Need to try for bigger contests. That is a February project.

Beach sessions are getting ready to happen. I am all booked and ready to go! My husband gets to be daddy day care all weekend! He should love that!! LOL What else? I have had several sessions, many weddings, my garden has come and gone...time to pick the watermelons...not too much else. Oh my baby girl starts kindergarten on the 31st of this month. It will be a love hate thing. I am not ready for her to be gone all day...I will cry. What else. JEWELRY....NEW IS JEWELRY I am excited. They are plain charm pendants, but I am so head over heals in love with them. Will be Christmas bonuses this year I think.

Planning Fall and Christmas Sessions, buying a bunny for next years easter sesisons....I think that is about it for what is new and exciting.

Here is my most recent session

Stay Tuned!

Friday, July 3, 2009


I seem to say more I am sorry for not blogging than Hey are ya keepin up! It is just busy and summer, and busy and summer. Horseshows, babies, teens, seniors, and summer!! I am awaiting the arrival of a clients 4th baby, I believe she is about 8 days old. This should be a fairly easy session 4 time mom, with a baby that likes to sleep!! Should be should be should be easy. Did I say should be! LOL

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm going to be in trouble!

Do you know how many sessions I have shot and not posted here! Wow I cannot believe it has been that many!! I will give you a run down and you can go off into cyber picture land if you would like and check them all out! Wow...so I have been busy!! LOL

WOW now that is S-L-A-C-K-I-N!

Christian 8 Month Session!

It seems I can never keep up these days. Well it is the summer, and it is busy...so maybe there is my excuse!! But wait till you see this cutie. He is so sweet every month I wait for the oneriness to have arrived but not yet. He is just a sweetie!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Barbara & Jim Wedding

How wonderful another Bayard House Wedding. I LOVE to photograph there. Chesapeake City is a favorite of mine anyhow! So Barbara I know you did not want THAT MANY pics. But can you tell me which ones of these you would like me to keep out!!! HA! Good Luck!